Our Programs
RFTSCA believes in building good beginnings through play, laughter and love. We recognize that
children are naturally curios about the world. We know that they learn best through hands-on, sensory-
oriented activities. We give them plenty of space and time to explore and investigate, using materials to
create and construct. Children feel valued for who they are, as they acquire the skills to become
responsible members of a community, creative problem-solvers and life-long learners.

Nurturing the whole child and developing a life-long love of learning is the inspiration for
everything we do at RFTSCA. We are proud to partner with families who respect and
encourage these goals.

RFTSCA is a place where kids can have a great big life with a big  imagination and
learning go hand in hand.

Building a kids life starts at a very early age. The beginning stages of spiritual
development are learning blocks that can help children discover their full potential.

Our daycare centers’ security system and                       comprehensive hygiene practices help ensure
your child’s safety and health while providing                  you peace of mind. Kidslife’s ProCare TM
system allows our staff instant access to                         your child’s medical information. It also stores
arrival and departure times, and the                                         names of people authorized for arrival
and pick up. Only authorized personnel                                   are admitted to the daycare center.